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Parent and teen cooking together

Last Minute Summer Activities for You and Your Teen

Summer is coming to a close but there’s still time for you and your teen to bond through some summer activities! This is a great opportunity to take quality time together and become closer than ever.  Here are some ideas to help break through the ice, bond, and end the ...
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Stand Up for Children Affected by Divorce

Hot dogs, burgers, and fireworks, are the things the month of July is more often associated with. Still, it’s also a month that brings awareness to an issue in the American home that is very present and, unfortunately, on the rise—children affected by divorce and the effects it has on ...
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House of Hope The Important Role of a Father in the Home for Teens

The Important Role of a Father in the Home for Teens

In today’s ever-changing world, the role of a father in a teenager’s life cannot be overstated. Christian teachings emphasize the significance of a loving and supportive family environment and the presence and involvement of a father plays a vital role in the shaping of a young person’s life.  This post ...
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