Last Minute Summer Activities for You and Your Teen

Parent and teen cooking together

Summer is coming to a close but there’s still time for you and your teen to bond through some summer activities! This is a great opportunity to take quality time together and become closer than ever. 

Here are some ideas to help break through the ice, bond, and end the summer on a high note.

  • Outdoor adventures: Plan a camping trip, go hiking or biking, visit a nearby lake or beach, or try out a new water sport like kayaking or paddleboarding. These activities not only promote physical fitness but also allow for bonding and creating lasting memories.
  • Explore your city or town: Take advantage of local attractions such as museums, parks, and historical sites. Go on a scavenger hunt or create a walking tour to discover hidden gems in your area. You could also try out different restaurants or cafes and sample new cuisines together.
  • Indoor culinary fun: Join a cooking class or pick out recipes for you both to try! If your teen loves sweets, find some fun cookie or cupcake recipes. Being in a familiar and comfortable environment like your home can create a sense of safety to be themselves. This is especially beneficial for teens who are more introverted or anxious about outside social obligations.
  • Learn something new together: Enroll in an art class, take up a musical instrument, or join a sports club together. The summer break provides an excellent opportunity for personal growth and learning. Encourage your teen to explore their passions and interests alongside you.
  • Movie nights and game tournaments: Set aside a dedicated evening for family movie nights or organize a friendly tournament of board games, video games, or even outdoor games like basketball or mini-golf. Such activities are not only enjoyable but also help strengthen familial bonds.

Remember, the key is to involve your teen in the decision-making process. Ask them what they would like to do and consider their interests and preferences. By doing so, you’ll ensure that the activities are engaging and enjoyable for both of you!

Have a fantastic summer making memories and creating a stronger bond with your teenager!

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