The Sweetness of God’s Love

Too short, too tall, too skinny, too fat, too many freckles, too many pimples, too smart, too stupid…the list of things that teens say to put their peers down goes on and on.
Growing up in today’s world of judgment and bullying is extremely hard.
Growing up in today’s world of judgment and bullying without a support team can feel impossible.

At House of Hope Maryland, we know that hidden behind hard hearts are fragile souls ready to experience the sweetness of God’s love.

Together with you, we become the support team a hurting teenager needs as they learn to love themselves the way that God loves them.

Through God’s love, House of Hope Maryland equips at-risk teenage girls and their families with the necessary tools to heal, restore and reconcile lives.

Our year-round Christian day school program addresses the educational, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of struggling teenage girls and their families through:

• Individualized Educational Program
• Christian Counseling for Teens/Parents
• Life Skills Training
• Parenting Support

Here are examples of how your financial gifts can be used to heal, restore and reconcile:

$50 provides life skills/school supplies for 1 student
$100 provides two-parent/family counseling sessions for 1 family
$250 provides an educational curriculum for 1 student
$500 provides 3 months of individual counseling for 1 student
$1000 provides 2 months tuition assistance for 1 student
$2500 provides 5 months tuition assistance for 1 student

Thank you for being a friend and ministry partner with House of Hope.

Together, we are sharing His love and light!

Partner with House of Hope Maryland!

House of Hope Maryland is a faith ministry relying solely on support from generous individuals, churches and organizations with a heart for struggling teens. You can partner with us in restoring at-risk teens and their families through your donations of money or materials.