HOH Maryland Day School Student: “I have been failing school, skipping school, being disrespectful, having attitudes and feeling unloved this past year. Walking into the House of Hope is giving me the hope to become a better person and to achieve my goals in life. My experience with HOH has been encouraging and accepting with no judgment of my past behavior. I am looking forward to learn many things and most importantly to love myself the way God loves me”.
HOH Maryland Day School Parent: “For the past 3 years, as a mother, I have been constantly worrying about my fifteen year old daughter. She has been struggling with school, family and her emotions. My daughter hasn’t been making the best decisions lately, which has been putting a strain on the relationships of the ones who love and care for her. I was really worried as things started to get worse. I think started to pray. I prayed to find a school/program that will help my daughter not just academically, but also focus on finding the root of her issues and learn self-confidence and self-love. I turned to the internet and typed in “school for at risk girls in Maryland” and that’s when I came across House of Hope Maryland. I couldn’t believe it. One of the first things I read, was “healing teens…restoring families, transforming communities”. As I continued to explore the website with all the helpful information I needed, I felt in my heart, this is the place my daughter needs to be at. I contacted HOH and met with them and they prayed for me and for my daughter. As a single mother, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to afford the program but HOH genuinely wants to help young girls get back on track. They were able to work with me so I would be able to send my daughter to House of Hope Maryland. I am very thankful for all the reassurance and the compassion that we have experienced – House of has brought hope back into our home.”
Parent Testimony, HOH Maryland Counseling
“How has the House of Hope helped my family?  The simple is –  it saved our family.”

Parent Testimony, HOH Maryland Counseling
“House of Hope Maryland helped my family tremendously the past recent months and continues to minister to us in many ways.”
Teen House of Hope Maryland Counseling
“My counselor helps me to vent and get everything out.  When talking about problems I face, it helps me understand them better.  My counselor also teaches me things about myself that I never knew and she encourages me to keep going”.
Family Testimony, HOH Maryland Counseling
“I sought help from House of Hope (HOH) when my 15-year old son got into trouble at school.  He had stopped communicating with me and I could see him starting down a path of destruction.  I spoke with the Executive Director first and she was so reassuring.  She prayed with me and told me she would have a counselor contact me soon.

Shortly afterwards, the counselor contacted me and listened to my concerns about my son.  She started regular sessions with him and the impact that she made in a very short time was astoundingMy son and I now enjoy open dialogue and a peaceful relationship once again.   He has established healthy priorities and his future is looking bright.  I owe this to the tools and skills the counselor taught my son and I through our time with her.

The counselor pointed my son to God as the one to turn to when we find ourselves hurting or strugglingShe helped me learn to communicate with my son without shouting or becoming angry.    She taught us both about body language and how we could be sending the wrong messages or misinterpreting other peoples’ messages.  Our counselor prayed for us and taught my son valuable skills he will use all his life.

In the future I will turn to House of Hope if I find myself or anyone else in trouble.  The made a difficult journey much easier and I’m forever grateful.” Mom

 “My experience with House of Hope was very good.  My counselor was very helpful and made me feel comfortable.  She gave me a lot of solutions to the problems I had in my life and showed me that all things are possible through Christ.” Son

Parent Testimony, HOH Maryland Counseling

“After several tries at secular and Christian counseling, we were feeling lost as parents – overpowered by the teen in our home.  Two of our friends had very positive experiences with the House of Hope in VA, so we were delighted to find House of Hope in MD.  Our counselor is very adept at guiding us in recognizing our strengths and weaknesses as parents, without making us feel like failures.  She helped us to instill and enforce manageable boundaries in our home and our child is responding!  The staff prays for each family and we have felt the results of their beautiful prayer support as each sliver of grace creeps into our home where chaos reigned.  We have grown, made changes and rejoice in the results we see.  The storm clouds have parted; we are now hopeful, not hopeless, comfortable, supportive, spiritual , real ~ we are so thankful to God for this special group!  Our family is healing and we praise God for His gift to us in House of Hope.”

Teen Testimony, House of Hope Kansas City

 “My parents and I argued a lot after I struggled in school. I felt I was being treated differently and it seemed with less respect. I began attending a youth group which seemed to help, but after I began dating, I nearly lost my virginity and all self-respect. Eventually, I quit all sports and my job. I began skipping school and started drinking at parties. Everything seemed broken in our family, and my parents decided to get help from House of Hope Kansas City. I was scared to be there and decided to fake my way through. But things changed for me when I started working with them, as did my parents. My family is reunited, and we have all learned how to “heal and deal” with our past. I can now accept and love others. I am able to show respect, and deal with my emotions as I walk with Christ”.

Parent Testimony, House of Hope Kansas City

 “Our daughter became a stranger. It happened so subtly that we didn’t see it until we almost lost her. She was a good girl, so we thought she was going where she said she was going. We didn’t know she was sneaking out of the house at night. We didn’t know about her drinking, her drug use, or the internet relationship. We saw no obvious signs to not trust her until she left her phone in our car. We were devastated, scared, and couldn’t bring ourselves to tell anyone we knew. We called Kansas City House of Hope. They took our whole family in, and helped us step by step toward healing. We have our daughter back now, and our family is strong and healthy.”

Teen Testimony, House of Hope Orlando

“It all started with my step dad. He sexually abused me from when I was three until I was 13. I had a lot of hurts and a lot of walls built up over the years. I started fighting with my mom, getting expelled from school and acting as though I didn’t have a single care in the world.

My mom decided she was sick of my behavior, and sent me to a non-Christian program. I was very rebellious, cursing out the staff until they finally had to let me go. At this point in my life, I was confused, frightened and wanted help – but couldn’t let go of my hurts.

My mom found out about House of Hope and brought me here. My life began to change with the help of God and the love of the staff here. My hurts are being healed, day by day, through counseling. My relationship with my mom is much better God is still working on me!”