Finding My Voice

Since 2007, House of Hope Maryland has been helping hurting teens find hope, healing and restoration. “Kassie’s” story below is a beautiful example of how your prayers and support change lives.

“I’ve been at House of Hope for about 2 years. I can proudly say that I’ve improved a lot while being here. In the beginning, it took me a while to get used to being here. Miss Kim and Miss Kathy have helped me feel more comfortable. I have done well with my academics and with support and encouragement, I always achieve.

I still do have my daily struggles whether it’s with academics, mentally or physically. I still struggle with communication a little, but with the counseling they provide, I work on it and it has helped me mentally with my mental health. Academically, I do struggle here and there, but I have Miss Kim and Miss Kathy to help me and to uplift me to put confidence in myself because all I could do is my best.

I have goals I still want to work on even if I have improved while being here. My academic goal is to finish high school with all the knowledge I have received and pursue a career in helping others because that’s something I learned about myself at House of Hope. My emotional goal is to continue to voice how I feel because I matter and so do my feelings. My mental health goal is to continue being the person God has set me to be-always be my best self.

My physical goal is to do things I love and enjoy because I know my physical well-being ties into my academics, emotional and mental health well-being.

I’m grateful for being at House of Hope because I truly believe I wouldn’t be who I am now without them or the love that God has shown and given me. I appreciate every opportunity that has been given to me by House of Hope. This will be the place where I can look back on and say, “This is where I achieved greatness for myself”.

We have a bigger vision on the horizon that God has planted in our hearts. In order to flourish, whether be a garden, a family, a child, or a House of Hope Maryland, each needs to be tended to, to be nurtured toward new growth so that EVERYTHING in the soil will blossom into something more.

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