Compassionately Tending, Wildly Blooming

Before *Brittany arrived at House of Hope, she was getting into trouble, losing many of her friends, and falling behind in school. She felt alone and pushed people out of her life. With her guard up, she arrived at House of Hope.

She said the compassion and kindness from Ms. Kathy and Ms. Kim slowly opened her up. Through counseling, she was given a safe place to share the things she tightly bottled up. She has been given tools to process these swirling emotions.

At House of Hope, Brittany has the opportunity to catch up on her school work, build bonds with mentors, and grow confident in who she is. House of Hope removes the distractions and pressures so that teens can grab their footing to lay down roots.

The girls who come to House of Hope are in the midst of their biggest hardships that have left them feeling scattered, lost, and alone. From the moment they step into our garden, they are compassionately tended to and given an opportunity to sprout, to grow, to burst through the surface.

At House of Hope, we compassionately tend so they may wildly bloom. Together, we reach upwards toward the sun that waits to illuminate and pull them toward new heights.

*name changed to protect confidentiality

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