Bringing Restoration To The Entire Family

From the first time you look into the eyes of your newborn child, you begin having hopes and dreams of a perfect future. But as any parent can tell you, raising children is tough, particularly in the teen years.

Since 2007, The House of Hope Maryland has been helping hurting teens find hope, healing, and restoration. But our service doesn’t stop with the teen.

A key distinction of House of Hope Maryland is the requirement for parental/guardian involvement throughout the program to help bring restoration to the entire family.

We recently heard from a mother who said, “Over the course of the past six months my family has been greatly ministered to by your organization. I feel indebted to House of Hope, whose staff and partners have blessed us tremendously with their prayers, outreach and services. My daughter has grown so much! While temptations are still present in her mind and within the realm of her world, she has gained strength and insight to resist those temptations and turn away from such a lifestyle and mindset. Without the House of Hope counselor’s wisdom and guidance, I would not be able to sincerely cling to the hope that my kids would not just turn out ok, they will thrive.”

“He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents.” Malachi 4:6 NIV

Thank you for being a friend and ministry partner with House of Hope.

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House of Hope Maryland is a faith ministry relying solely on support from generous individuals, churches and organizations with a heart for struggling teens. You can partner with us in restoring at-risk teens and their families through your donations of money or materials.