House of Hope Maryland Day School Program will offer each student an opportunity to change her situation and to begin school anew. Emphasis will be placed on personal goals and individual achievement rather than competition between students.  We believe that school is also a place to learn and practice respect, personal management skills and values.  Therefore, students will be expected to follow rules and guidelines as directed by the Administrator and teacher.

House of Hope Maryland will utilize the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum which is an individualized system of learning that allows each student to work at her own level and pace in a classroom setting.  Initial assessments and school transcripts provide structure to develop an individual school plan for each student.  The ACE program is biblically based with core studies in: Math, English / Literature, Science and Social Studies. It offers a high school diploma and transferable credits if a student chooses to integrate into her high school.

Tutoring and any supplementation of materials/coursework will be provided as needed. We are registered as a church-exempt school through the Maryland State Department of Education.